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Prefabricated Buildings and Commercial Buildings

iconPrefabricated Buildings and Commercial Buildings

Utilizing panel system advanced production technology, Karmod provide high quality, quick, easy transported and easy assembled prefabricated commercial buildings.  With a monthly production capacity of 30,000 m² Karmod prefabricated buildings are multi-purpose solutions that can be used in any climate condition at economical prices.  

Prefabricated commercial buildings can be used for:  Construction Sites, Offices, Social Facilities, Military Camps, Fuel and Gas Fields, Camping Buildings, Dormitories, Dining Halls, WC-Shower Units, Kitchens, Laundries, Training Buildings, Health Centers, Emergency Settlement Units, Earthquake Houses, Refugee Camps, Military Buildings, education buildings and hospitals. 

Construction Site Buildings

Prefabricated Office Buildings

Prefab Dormitory Buildings

Prefab WC Shower Units

Prefab Educational Buildings

Prefab Dining Hall Buildings

Prefabricated Military Buildings

Prefabricated Health Facilities

Prefab Social Facilities

Emergency Settlement Units

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