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Prefabricated WC Shower Units

iconPrefabricated WC Shower Units

Among the wide range of products and solutions, we offer prefabricated WC & shower units that are manufactured under the guarantee of Karmod as easy installed and long service life.

In Karmod prefabricated WC & shower solutions, each detail from electric installation to the fixture, from waste and sanitary water installation to armatures, from doors to vents, from roof covering to wall panels is manufactured with accredited top quality materials. Prefabricated WC & showers are manufactured with plans having diversified ergonomic usage, and custom manufacturing is also made taking into account customer expectations. Prefabricated WC & shower units are designed according to the size of the area of installation.

Toilet seats or squatting toilet cabins, shower cabins, urinals, or handicapped WC & showers are planned and manufactured in requested quantities in all prefabricated WC & shower models. Prefabricated WC & showers can be installed and used within a very short time in areas such as construction sites, hospitals and educational buildings, parks and gardens, social facility buildings, military facilities, international tourism and sports organizational areas. Performing manufacturing at international standards, Karmod prefabricated WC & shower systems can easily be transported and installed to any territory.

14 M² Prefab WC Shower Units

27 M² Prefab WC Shower Units

46 M² Prefab WC Shower Units

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